Roptai Outdoor

Under the name Roptai Outdoor we organise activities at Le Roptai during High Season.
Guests can register on-site to a variety of outdoor sporting activities.
Here is an overview of our activities.


Shoot on balloons with a blowpipe! Then it becomes a tournament and we keep score!
Duration: +/- 1 hour
Age: 8+


Get to know this sport under the guidance of an experienced trainer. You start training after having been given some basic explanations.  Then the game starts and you shoot to get a high score. It seems that everyone who has tried once wants to have a go at it again!
Duration, archery for adults : +/- 2 hours. Age: 12+
Duration, archery for kids: +/- 1hour and a half. Age: from 8 to 11


Outdoor laser tag is a funny game you don’t tire of and to which everybody can play. The aim is to get as many ‘lives’ as possible from the opposing side without being hit. Each team must reach its goal by being tactical, resourceful and cooperative. Our light-weight laser weapons can also be used by young children.
Duration: +2 hours
Age: 8+

Have an exciting and wonderful mountain bike ride
Mountain bike rental: 1 hour, half a day or full day rentals available. The use of a helmet and a flask is included in the mountain bike rental price.


TOWER OF BABELToren van Babel
 …or piling up boxes…the one who gets the highest wins the game!
Duration : + 1 hour and a half
Age : 12+


After some basic explanations, and having been safely harnessed, we move from one tree to the next thanks to different types of ropes bridges. We offer you two trails, a higher one and a lower one.
Duration: +/- 1hour and a half
Age: 8+. Children between the ages of 8 and 11 must be accompanied by an adult taking part in the activity at the same time.
Length: min. 130 cm for the lower trail or min. 150 cm for the higher trail.
Don’t forget: sturdy, closed shoes

Weekly programme
The RoptaiOutdoor weekly programme is made available every week on Friday evening at reception. You can also look out for red posters.

To get information and to register you can go to our Outdoor hut, which is located slightly above the reception building. During high season, we are open every day from 5pm to 6pm (from Saturday to Tuesday) and from 5.30pm to 6pm (on Wednesdays and Thursdays). Outside the opening hours you can register at reception.
If you have not yet arrived at Le Roptai and would like to make sure that an activity has not been fully booked, not to worry: just send us an email indicating:
-the activity or activities you are interested in
- the day (s) and times
-the name and age of the participants
-your phone number
As soon as you arrive at LeRoptai, please visit the reception desk or the outdoor Hut to complete your registration.
You always have to pay upon registration.
For minors of age the registration form must always be signed by an adult.

Activities are designed for children and grown-ups. Please refer to minimum age and others conditions specified for each activity. The age mentioned must be reached within the current year!

‘The outdoor activities were very reasonably priced, and the instructors were all real professionals!’