Swimming pool at Le Roptai

Le Roptai's swimming pool offers cooling and fun during the hot summer months. This heated outdoor swimming pool welcomes guests during nice weather in July and August. With a large pool measuring 16 by 8 metres and varying in depth from 1.20 to 1.50 metres, in addition to a paddling pool measuring 4 by 4 metres with a depth of just 0.40 metres, there is something for everyone.

Recent improvements

In recent years, the pool has undergone several improvements. A new sunbathing area, a completely renovated terrace, a shower at the entrance and a replaced sail for the large pool are some of the changes made. Moreover, the pool can now be covered to keep it clean and warm.

Safety first

An important change is the required presence of a lifeguard during opening hours. This provides extra safety and has led to the pool only being open in good weather from the beginning of July to the end of August. We kindly ask all visitors to read the regulations posted on site for a safe and enjoyable visit.