Our campsite

Le Roptai is ideally located on the southern side of a wooded hill. The campground covers 10 hectares and offers camping pitches for tourists, yearly camping pitches and rental accommodation. Pitches and accommodation are located on different fields and distributed over a large piece of land, where camping fields are interspersed with wooded areas. There is enough room for musing in nature, but also for sports and adventure.

'Le Roptai' is the name of the campsite and the hill on which it is located. The origin of the name dates back to Roman times and would come from 'Roche -Tienne', meaning 'stone hill'.

The campsite is situated on the boundary of two different types of soil. The upper part is limestone covered with a thin layer of earth, the bottom is slate with a thicker layer.

If you walk through the woods behind the campsite you will also find many stone besides a number of holes in the ground (they are well protected). These are from the time that Baryt from the mountain was won.

Baryt is a commodity which is mainly used in the manufacture of dyes and also used in medicine. The recovered Baryt was transported from the hill to the village by rail. There are several of these rail track residues found in the forest.

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